Who We Are


Romaneh company for Food and Agricultural products is a producer of Olive Oil, Olives, Olive paste and Soap. Also it is a grain producer like thyme, freekeh and other natural products like white cheese and milk. The company is located in Romaneh village in the west of Jenin city and close to the barrier wall. Operate under the banner of from the farm to the market as part of agreements with the cooperative societies, example of that the collective press agreements under organic conditions.

The company holds a certificate of production of organic products, which help Romaneh to provide healthy products free of any chemical products in order to preserve the health of the consumer. Also Romaneh is specialized in manufacturing of agricultural and natural animal products such as olive oil, olive paste, natural thyme, yoghurt, cheese, freekeh and others. Romaneh company working on the development of this Palestinian products with high quality to be ready for global and local markets.

The company was founded in 2011, a limited joint-stock company, based in Romaneh village which is consider as a center for Romaneh